team Hoodoo

A durable cold weather training hoodie designed with:

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Designed comfort and thermal regulation.
Perfomance hoodoo

Athletic slim fit, cold weather base layer with an integrated gaiter mask built into the hood.

  • Thumb-holes in the cuffs to keep the sleeves locked in around your wrists
  • Lightweight, ultra-soft Poly/Spandex (90/10) fleece
  • Thermal regulation and added stretch with snow sports in mind!

What's a hoodoo?


HooDoo Logo Large WhiteWe are excited to introduce you to the HooDoo, our revolutionary new hoody with integrated mask.  
The HooDoo enables you to live in the moment, to be freely immersed in your recreational activity, regardless of external conditions. When wearing your HooDoo, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a mask. You can feel safe and protected no matter the environment.
Our apparel allows you take advantage of Canada’s many seasons, including curling season. Our HooDoos are available in stock designs, or full custom designs like our traditional curling apparel.
Our new line is inspired by the Alberta Rockies, and the international recognized rock formations (called Hoodoos) located in the badlands near Drumheller, Alberta, 
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Basic Performance HooDoo Purple

Performance Hoodoo

Basic Purple


conquer your next adventure with confidence

Hoodoo & Mask Qualities 3 Layers Trans
Covid-19 Protection
Made in Canada